How do I reset the light time on my AeroGarden? (Lights must be on in order to reset timer.) With lights on, press and hold “Lights” button until light next to the plant type you selected starts blinking – about 5 seconds. Release the button. When blinking stops (about 9 seconds), the lights will go off and your lights are now set to go off at this time every day.

How do you adjust AeroGarden lights? To raise and lower the Light Hood, wrap one hand around the bottom of the Light Post just above the Grow Deck. Grasp the upper part of the Light Post with your other hand and push up to raise the Light Hood or push down to lower the Light Hood.

How do I set the time on my AeroGarden? Hit the down arrow until you see “Start A Garden.” Tap the green button to move forward. First, you will set your clock to your current time, adjusting the time with the arrows and moving to the next step with the green button. Then you will choose your light cycle by telling the garden what you will be planting.

Does AeroGarden light stay on all the time? Your lights will stay on for about 16 hours and will shut off for about 8 hours. Your lights will come on every day at the time you plugged in your AeroGarden 6. If You Would Like to Change the Time of Day Your Lights Will Go Off

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Why are my AeroGarden LED lights flashing?

AeroGarden 7 LED: My “Replace Lights” indicator is blinking. If you have the LED light hood, you do not need to replace your LED lights until individual diodes begin to fail. Diodes have a 2 – 4 year lifespan. Just press and release the Reset button to turn off the reminder.

How long does AeroGarden harvest light stay on?

Set Lights ‘ON’ Time

Your LED lights will turn ON and OFF once to confirm a new Light ON time has been set Your Grow Lights will now come ON at this time each day, and will stay ON for 15 hours.

What happens if I unplug my AeroGarden?

Question: I accidentally unplugged my aerogarden, but plugged it back in immediately. Will it resume its light settings? You will want to reset the light and nutrient timers after your Aerogarden has lost power.

Can I make my own AeroGarden pods?

An AeroGarden grows plants without soil. An easy way to reduce the ongoing expense for new plantings is to make your own AeroGarden seed pods. Luckily, this is not too difficult—especially if you keep some of the parts from your first batch of seed pods.

How often should you change water in AeroGarden?

Most hydroponic applications recommend complete changes of nutrient solution every week! At AeroGrow, we spent years testing and designed our gardens to grow wonderfully even if you NEVER do a full nutrient change. That’s a pretty big deal!

How much water does an AeroGarden hold?

How much water does an aerogarden hold – it does depend on the model with the smaller 3 pod sprout holding 1.1l (1.2quarts or 0.3 U.S. gallons), the 6 pod units holding about 2.6l (2.75 quarts or 0.7 U.S. gallons), the 9 pod models holding 4.1l (4.3 quarts or 1.1 U.S. gallons), and the farm range holding 7.6l (8 quarts

How long do AeroGarden plants last?

The AeroGarden website says that the lifespan of the herbs is about four months and the tomatoes have nine.

Can you use regular seeds in AeroGarden?

Yes, you can! For this purpose we offer our Grow Anything Kit, which comes with everything you need to plant and grow EXCEPT the seeds: grow baskets, grow sponges, labels, domes, liquid plant food, and a Grow Anything Kit Guide, which contains general suggestions for planting.

What is the biggest AeroGarden?

About AeroGarden

AeroGarden Farm – A Smarter Garden is a Better Garden. The 24-Pod Farm garden is our largest countertop garden with 12 inches of grow height, allowing for large regular harvests of fresh produce for an entire family.

How do you chat on AeroGarden?

From your App, go to Menu and select Contact Us, and from there you can contact Customer Service directly via e-mail, phone or chat..

Does AeroGarden need sunlight?

All AeroGardens come with automated, built in LED grow light panels that provide everything plants need to produce and flourish – no need for a sunny window! Always keep your plants an inch or two below the lights as they are growing and don’t hesitate to prune if needed; your plants like it!

What is vacation mode on AeroGarden?

With vacation mode, you can lower your garden’s water usage and keep your plants alive even if you’re not home for an extended period of time. Vacation Mode is available on AeroGarden Harvest Elites, Bountys, and Farms.

Can I move my AeroGarden?

Aerogarden kits include a base, pods (grow sponges with seeds in them) and grow lights. Many gardeners start seedlings in AeroGardens with this in mind and transplant the plants afterwards. Transplanting hydroponic plants to soil requires careful planning, but it can be done successfully.

Why is my AeroGarden so loud?

Part of the reason the AeroGarden is so noisy is that the sides of the plastic trough bow outwards slightly when it’s full of water, and the tray in which the plants sit doesn’t then fit nicely.

How long does AeroGarden lettuce last?

Here are some estimates of what to expect with different types of plants growing in an AeroGarden. Flowers: Flower varieties typically grow for 3-4 months. Some may only last as long as 2 months. Lettuces & Greens: The average lifespan for lettuces and salad greens is about 2 months.

Can I grow strawberries in an AeroGarden?

Did you know that you can grow strawberries in the AeroGarden?! Yup, you read right! The most practical way to grow them is by starting with small live plants that are already mature enough to have flowers. You can order strawberry crowns through us here, or you can get some at a local nursery.

Can you reuse AeroGarden sponges?

Can I reuse a sponge? If the sponge hasn’t been used you can remove the seeds and replace them with your own seeds. However, if you’ve already used the seed pod sponge to grow a plant, you should keep the plastic basket and throw out the sponge.

Can I grow cucumbers in my AeroGarden?

This is a two-part answer: no, but yes. None of the packaged seed kits contain cucumbers. But there are 2 kits that allow you to grow whatever seeds you want, and the write-up mentions growing cucumbers. So is you want to grow the cukes in the aerogarden, the vines will need another light source to really flourish.

How do I empty the water from my AeroGarden?

First, you need to get a bucket, or in my case a gallon milk container. Next, you close the screw valve on top of squeeze bulb. Put the end of the long straight white tube into the place where you fill the Aerogarden with water. Next, give a few squeezes until the liquid is flowing.

What type of water do you use for AeroGarden?

We recommend that you use distilled water. Distilled water has no mineral content and is perfect for hydroponic applications. Our liquid plant nutrients have the exact measurement of minerals for optimum plant growth.

How much water does a 3 Aerogarden hold?

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