How do I make my Leviton switch discoverable? When pairing your Leviton devices, press and hold the control button until the light begins flashing amber. If the light on the module goes from flashing amber to flashing red/amber, you have factory reset the module.

How do I connect my Leviton Smart Switch to wifi? Find the Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi device in the list of available Wi-Fi networks (it will be listed in the format of Leviton Device-xxx). Select it to connect your mobile device’s Wi-Fi to the Leviton Decora Smart device’s Wi-Fi network.

How do you reset a Leviton switch? This procedure can also be used to place the accessory in ready mode with the locator LED flashing green: • Hold the top of the paddle for 7 seconds. – After 7 seconds the Locator LED will blink amber. Release the top of the paddle and the switch will reset. Once the switch has reset the Locator LED will blink green.

Why is my Leviton not working? Make sure you have the latest version of the My Leviton App. To ensure that you are running the latest version of the app, check for a My Leviton app update on the Apple App store or Google Play store. If available, try using a different mobile phone or tablet running the My Leviton app.

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How do I connect to Leviton?

– Locate and open the Leviton “Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer” app on your smart device. – Select the “+” sign at the top right corner to add your Decora Digital device. – Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your smart device: – Hold the OFF button on your Decora Digital device until its status LED blinks.

How do I reset my Smart switch?

To reset the smart switch/plug to factory defaults: Press and hold the reset button until the Wi-Fi LED blinks amber rapidly (about 10 seconds) to reset the Smart switch to factory defaults. For the HS300/KP303, the control button works as both the power and reset button.

How do I get Leviton back online?

Simply press and hold the up paddle/button for 3 to 5 seconds and then release. This reboots the device and runs a diagnostic mode. Watch the LED at the bottom and take note of the color pattern that flashes after you release the button. After a minute, check your app to see if the device has come back online.

How do I reset my WIFI light switch?

Press and hold (about 5 seconds) until the Wi-Fi status LED blinks amber and green alternately to initiate App-Config mode. Press and hold (about 10 seconds) until the Wi-Fi status LED blinks amber rapidly to reset the Smart Switch to factory defaults.

How does a Leviton switch work?

The Leviton switch uses Wi-Fi to connect directly with your router, so you don’t need to connect it to a hub to control it with your phone. It won’t work with Android devices, though — and it won’t work with Alexa, either.

How does the Leviton app work?

The Leviton app provides control of connected loads, grouping into rooms and zones for easy control, as well as access to customizable lighting control settings including fade rate, minimum/maximum brightness, LED response activity, bulb type selection and more.

How does Leviton Smart Switch work?

Leviton Decora smart switches and plugs let you control light switches, lamps and small appliances from anywhere in the world over a Wi-Fi connection. They’re run through the My Leviton app (iOS or Android) and over voice if you pair them with an Amazon Echo, Google Home or an Apple Siri device.

How do I update my Leviton firmware?

The firmware update process can be ran through a couple of different ways through the Leviton Decora Smart app. The first option is to simply tap on the settings icon in the top left hand corner of the app after opening it, and then by selecting “Update Firmware”.

How do I turn off Leviton?

Lights also can be turned OFF manually at any time by pressing the push-button.

How do I reconnect my smart switch?

Use the App to Reconnect to Wi-Fi

After the switch is in discovery mode, open the companion app on your mobile device. Using the app will allow you to select your model and start the pairing process. The app should ask to connect to your Wi-Fi. Enter your credentials, and the switch should reconnect.

How do you set a timer switch for outdoor lights?

Set the time on your timer. Press the arrow buttons until the “Clock” option shows on the screen; press “Set” or “Select.” Press the arrow buttons until the timer displays the current day of the week; press “Set” or “Select.” Use the same process to set the current hour, minutes and seconds.

Which is better Lutron or Leviton?

Leviton has a better support system, whereas Lutron Smart Home System only supports dimmers. Leviton offers a five-year warranty, whereas Lutron Smart Home System provides a one year warranty. Leviton offers more colour options, whereas Lutron Smart Home System has a proprietary Clear Connect technology.

What is my Leviton app?

An industry first, My Leviton offers single app control of the Leviton Smart Load Center and the Decora Smart™ Wi-Fi® product lines, enabling users to seamlessly control load center activities and home lighting from anywhere in the world using their smartphone or tablet.

Why is my smart switch offline?

Make sure the controller is close enough to your Wi-Fi. If you have another Wi-Fi access point, try a different Wi-Fi to confirm your Wi-Fi is not the cause.

Why is my WeMo switch not detected?

Wemo device not detected or unreachable

Make sure that the Wemo device isn’t blinking orange (see the wifi light status indicator section). If so, try to restart the app. If this doesn’t work, try to unplug and plug your Wemo device again. Your wemo device will try to reconnect to your home network automatically.

How do you make a WeMo light switch discoverable?

You need to set up the WeMo Light Switch with the WeMo App again. Step 1: Press and hold the Restart and the Reset buttons together for five (5) clock seconds, then release. The WeMo Light Switch Wi-Fi icon will blink to green then amber in color, indicating a successful reset.

Why does my light switch have 3 black wires?

If the light turns on, the second black wire you connected to the switch is the switch feed and the unconnected black wire is the feed to the other loads. If the light doesn’t turn on, then it’s the other way around: the connected wire feeds the other loads and the disconnected wire is the light feed.

What is 2 way switch?

The 2 way switch acts as 2 switches that can control a single appliance. This is a 2 switch for a single appliance. The two-way switches are generally used for staircase case lightning and other lightning systems where we want to take control of appliances from two different locations.

Does my Leviton work with Siri?

You can use Siri voice control on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to control whether the Leviton Decora Smart accessory is on/off, or dimmed/brightened. Use your imagination and have fun controlling every light and load in your home with either an app or your voice.

Is there a 4 way smart switch?

A 4 way smart light switch will work just like a normal 4 way light switch in that you can turn your lighting on or off from multiple locations but it can also be turned off with your phone or by using voice commands with Alexa.

Why is my smart light not connecting?

If your smart light bulb isn’t working, or Alexa can’t discover it, reset your device. To reset your smart light bulb: Reconnect your smart home device to Alexa in the Alexa app. Turn on the bulb.

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