Are Princess House pans good? Princess House cookware (I have pots, skillets.) is excellent quality and keeping them very polished clean and seasoned seems to help them cook well, as well as not overheating in them. I used their cleanser to keep them polished and they all look like new. The glass lids are good for watching your food while cooking.

Is Princess House cookware safe? Safe for use with all cooktops. Oven safe to 350°F w/lids and oven and broiler safe to 450°F without lids. Dishwasher safe or hand wash. Nylon or plastic scouring pads can be used on interior of pans or use our Princess House ® Earth Friendly Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaners.

What are Princess House pans made of? Its three-layer construction features an 18/10 stainless steel interior cooking surface, a thick aluminum core that directs heat over the entire surface of the pan and an induction-ready stainless steel exterior.

Are Princess House pans non stick? Nonstick cookware from Princess House can help you cook your way to healthier eating. Features a PFOA-free nonstick surface for low-fat cooking and easy cleanup. Tempered glass lid is cut with our signature Princess Heritage® design.

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Is Princess House still popular?

Experiencing its peak years of production around the midpoint of the 20th century, Princess House is still beloved today by collectors of classic crystal glass. With a heritage as a purveyor of fine crystal stemware, Princess House pieces are excellent heirlooms for generations to come.

Can you bake in Princess House?

Princess House food storage containers are also great for baking, meal prep, and more! Durable borosilicate glass container goes from the freezer to the microwave for defrosting – perfect for make-ahead meals. Integrated glass handles for a secure grasp. Lid is BPA-free.

Can Princess House glass go in the microwave?

Use with our Princess House® Specialty Silicone Trivet Set for hot foods. Silicone Covers are fridge, microwave and dishwasher safe and oven safe to 400ºF. • Glass is dishwasher, fridge, freezer, oven and microwave safe.

Are Princess House glass lids Oven safe?

Glass lids are oven safe to 350°F. Dishwasher safe; hand-washing recommended. For best results, use our specially formulated Princess House Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaner to quickly and easily remove heat and starch discoloration and restore bright luster.

Where is Princess House cookware made?

The stainless steel line — including non-stick and three-walled “tri-ply” ware — is manufactured in China. Princess House hit a rough patch after being purchased in 1978 by Colgate-Palmolive.

Who is the owner of Princess House?

As president and CEO of Princess House, Connie Tang gives entrepreneurial- minded women what they need to conquer the world of direct selling. Appointed as the company’s first woman President as it approached its 50th anniversary in 2012, Tang is a proven global business leader.

How do I clean my Princess House crystal?

Hand-wash crystal glasses in warm water using a mild dish soap. Avoid abrasive scrub brushes and use a nonabrasive sponge instead. For severe film buildup, wash the glass with vinegar or use a commercial lime remover. Soak the glass in a solution of 1 cup of vinegar to 1 gallon of water, then scrub lightly.

Can you put crystal glasses in the freezer?

Avoid storing food and liquids in a crystal glass containers for extended period of time. Do not use crystal glass items in microwave, oven or freezer.

What is a Princess House party?

The in-home party is the building block of your Princess House business. It’s where you’ll meet most of your future Hostesses and New Consultants. It’s also where you’ll make the most Personal Sales and profits.

What is Princess House Glass?

Standard – Standard Princess House glassware has the transparent look of regular glass and may include etching or markings to accent the pieces and add a decorative flourish.

How do you join the Princess House?

Register. To access this private site, simply set up an account with a unique User Name and Password. To begin, please enter your Princess House Consultant ID number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. New, Start Here!

What is Princess House used for?

Princess House caters to princesses with its vast housewares portfolio. The company is a direct seller of household goods, including cookware, food storage items, lighting products, bakeware, textiles, gifts, home décor items, flatware, and seasonal and hostess-exclusives.

When was Princess House established?

Since its founding in 1963 Princess House has been providing the highest quality products for the home and an outstanding earning opportunity for women (and a few good men) of all backgrounds.

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